Monday, September 24, 2012

Median age of the driverless interstate

- Secrets of the Ford Mustang:

- Median age by state.  If I lived in Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida, roughly over half the people I meet would be older than me:

- Let's stick with demographics.  Think America's demographics are rapidly changing?  Take a look at the problems facing China:

- Warren Buffett is a table-tennis fan, and he puts his money into one of America's rising table tennis stars:

- Pick a place on earth, and see the exact opposite side of the globe.  Hint: most of the time, you will be in the middle of an ocean:

- Driverless cars approved (kind of) in Nevada:

- Most popular months for birthdays:

- The Fortune 500 top companies:

- U.S. Interstates as a subway map:

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