Friday, September 23, 2011

Color-blind Super Grover forgets his ATM pin

- Bill Belichick wants the extra-point to die in the NFL.  So do I.  Complete waste of time.  Give the fans what they want.  More action:

- Super Grover!

- Ten myths about TV:

- Geeky PIN numbers:

- How to quickly chill a canned or bottled beverage:

- Guide to living in ten fictional worlds:

- How televisions have changed over the past ten years:

- Online color challenge.  Test how accurately you see colors.  0 is a perfect score, 100 means you lack the ability to see any shades of color (which makes you functionally blind.)  I scored a 5.

- Which college football teams are the most popular?  This season if the #2 team on this list beats the #1 team on this list, I suspect the #2 team will leap-frog the #1 team in popularity:

- Six movie plot holes you never noticed due to editing.  I am a firm believer in the stupidity of the Dark Knight plot hole and the Indiana Jones plot hole.  I will argue to my dying days that both those plot holes are perfectly awful and should have never made it into either movie: