Monday, April 30, 2012

Alan Stoob finds Sith war criminals at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price

- Red-heads experience pain differently than others:

- Alan Stoob, Britain's premier Nazi-hunter.  Hilarious website.  Good stuff:

- New York City Jedi training academy.  If this group was more about teaching the life-lessons and morality of the Jedi, instead of teaching nerdy kids how to swing a stick, I would be all for it.  Otherwise, it seems kind of creepy:

- Woman considers voluntarily having her withered arm removed, and replaced with a bionic limb.  Will see more and more of this dilemma in the future:

- Global time-zone map.  Insanely useful:

- Curry's triangle paradox:

- Countries that drive on the left-side of the road.  Basically, most countries that were a part of the British empire once automobiles were invented:

- Mad Men critique by someone who walked the walk:

- Middle-age is an evolutionary trait:

Alone together.  Technology makes it uber-easy to communicate with each other, yet we are more alone than ever.  Great read:

- Republicans more informed, more open-minded than Democrats.  Every Republican I have ever met inherently knows this.  It's nice to see a scientific survey prove it:

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