Friday, February 23, 2007

- Yeah, yeah, yeah...I swore off the Oscars last year with a blistering attack on their politics and morality, but darnit, I love make Oscar predictions, so here we go:

Best Picture: Toughest category to pick this year. I am going with Babel, because it has a political message, and Hollyweird loves a movie with a message.

Best Director: Scorsese finally squeaks one out, but he should have won for Goodfellas.

Best Actor: Forrest Whittaker. However, I wish Peter O'Toole would win. IMO, O'Toole is the greatest actor to never win an Oscar. How he didn't win for Lawrence of Arabia is beyond me (he was awarded a life-time achievement Oscar, which he almost turned down.)

Best Actress: Helen Mirren. Easiest pick of the night.

Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy.

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson. 2nd easiest pick of the night.

Best Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Departed.

- 50 things we know now that we didnt know last year:

- Do you have what it takes to be president? Take the following quiz to find out:

-Almost lost a finger during shop-class in high school? Don't worry about it. Soon, you will be able to grow a new finger if you lose one:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

- The origins of meanings, phrases, sayings and idioms:

- I would never, ever move to New York city. Heck, I have no plans on ever leaving the Phoenix area, but I found the following article fascinating. It is a guide for how to move from one city to another. Some very good tips on city-dwelling, even if you arent planning on moving:
Moving to New York City

- A list of the most difficult novels to film. I agree completely with the selections. A truly wonderful list:'

- Love to debate people on the internet? I use to spend WAY TOO MUCH time arguing with people over messageboards. I grew out of it, but the following website is devoted to people who want to start a topic, and then discuss/debate/argue about it:

- I hate the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (by the way, his real name is pronounced "Steve Col-Bert", not "Stephen Colbare". He changed it when he got to Hollywood.) I have always hoped that someone would create a conservative version of both these shows to fight the lies and hypocrisies each show spews out to the public. Well, Fox News is working on such a comedy show. Here is an article all about it. However, don't get your hopes up. Just today I read that Fox News only signed on for two episodes of the show. Apparently the humor in the first few episodes was very hit-and-miss.