Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Southpaws prefer C# and Deep Blue

- Is being left-handed a sign of mental impairment? For years, I have heard people claim that the average left-handed person is slightly smarter than the average right-handed person.  I never bought that notion.  I don't buy this one either:

- Tipping etiquette, per country:

- How free is the state you live in?

- Most popular programming languages.  My favorite is at #4:

- IBM turns 100 years old:

- 15 things you didn't know about outer-space:

- An excellent biography of George Lucas:

- Keeping the synergy of the previous two posts, 10 things you didn't know about Star Wars:

- Yeah, yeah, I can't stand Slate either, but I stumbled upon this article and wanted to share it. Who is currently America's greatest humorist?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Professor Chaos rides out the twister

- Make an avatar of yourself, South Park style.  Here's what I might look like in the South Park universe:

- Walking to work, if you pass by a homeless person playing music for hand-outs, do you listen to the music?  Do you pay attention at all?  What if the person was a WORLD-CLASS musician playing some of the most difficult music ever composed?  Do you think you would notice?  The Washington Post put this idea to the test.  Amazing article:

- A teenager with a useless limb volunteers to have the limb hacked-off, and replaced with a bionic limb:

- When traveling, why does the trip home always feel shorter?  Personally, I think it's because on the way home, we are full of new memories and experiences to think about:

- Why TV ads are louder than TV shows.  Quick spoiler...they aren't:

- Tornado myths debunked.  The two most reoccurring themes in my nightmares are tornadoes and spiders.  I am sure a Freudian psychiatrist would have a field-day with that knowledge:

- A list of conservative film critics:

- Internet usage in the U.S: