Wednesday, May 02, 2007

- Which Star Wars character matches best with your personality? Take this test to find out. My match was Yoda (I was hoping it would be Obi-wan.)

- Five scandals which rocked the art world:

- Please tell me that none of you use any of the following passwords on the net. I have about a dozen different passwords that I use for my various email addresses, websites and messageboards I visit. Here is a list of the ten most commonly used passwords:

- Last week astronomers found a planet with similarities to our own shiny-blue orb. It's only 50 light-years away, which is a hop, skip and a jump compared to the known size of the universe. Is there really anyone out there who thinks that life doesn't exist beyond the earth? The odds of us being completely alone is insanely low! As my brother and I keep saying, I hope we find them first before they find us. If they have the technology to find us, then they have the technology to ruin us.
Earth-like planet

- A wonderful article about Frank Miller, the famed comic-book writer:
LA Times Article on Frank Miller

- Someday you wont have to use a clunky controller to play your Xbox or Playstation games. Imagine the possibilities of a game system which could read your thoughts. I can see this technology being applied to alot more than video games:

- New methods of resuscitation are changing the way scientists and doctors bring people back from the brink of death:

- A 2600 foot tall skyscraper in Kuwait? Will be finished by 2008? My goodness! I wish America still raced to have the tallest buildings: