Monday, June 09, 2008

- A mother's diet can help determine the gender of a child:

- The ten best moments from the TV show 30 Rock. I highly recommend watching this show. The ratings have always been poor for 30 Rock, but NBC has wisely ignored the ratings for the past two seasons. They won't be so kind next season:

- Please, please...I am on my hand and knees, begging the following two articles become true. The average lifespan of 76 years for an American male isn't enough time for me! I really do have a lot things on my list that need to get done:

- List of the top grossing movies (domestic) of all-time. Iron Man should finish around 305-310 million:

- Speaking of Iron Man, here is a small snippet from his cameo in the new Hulk movie. Even with Tony Stark in the movie, I will not see this in the theaters. I have never been a big Hulk fan. I hear this new movie is better than the dreadful Hulk movie from a few years ago, but not much better:

- An interview with Clint Eastwood. Honestly, if you don't like Clint Eastwood, then you are worse than Hitler!,,2283921,00.html

- Lakers against the Celtics. What was old, is new again. The Boston faithful love to chant "Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!" It's their rallying cry. As a Laker fan, you would think that I would despise this chant, but I actually get a huge kick out of it. It gets my blood boiling, and reminds of the good ol' days, when Magic Johnson defeated the Celtics in two out of three NBA finals. Here is where the chant comes from. It's a nice read: