Saturday, February 28, 2004

- I loathe Ted Turner. I think he is one of the most diabolical men in the history of western civilization. Nevertheless, rambling Ted did create one great thing...the Turner Classic Movie Channel. TCM shows movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No commercials, and no editing of content. Usually these are old, forgotten movies that most people would not want to watch, but during the month of February (it use to be March) TCM shows only movies that have been nominated for an Academy Award. That means during the entire month of February, TCM shows most of the greatest movies ever made. In these waning days of February, TCM is showing only movies that have won the Oscar for best picture. I highly recommend you turn your TV to TCM (channel 72 for Cox Cable) and leave it there all weekend. Here is a link to the TCM website. You can find the listings for the movies showing this weekend:,,,00.html
- Here are my picks for the Academy Awards on Sunday. My picks are usually wrong, but every once in a while I get them right:
Best Picture: Return of the King
Best Director: Peter Jackson
Best Actor: Sean Penn (booo! I want Bill Murray.)
Best Actress: Charlize Theron
Best Supporting Actress: Rene Zeilwegger
Best Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins (ugh)

 - Michigan's state animal is the wolverine. It is a nasty, vicious, maurading mammal that roams only the most northern portions of North America. A wolverine hasnt actually been spotted in Michigan in over 200 years, until now! A group of hunters, along with a wild-life specialist, spotted a wolverine near Lake Huron (the thumb) a few days ago. They even snapped a picture of the violent monster! How did the little bugger get there? Why hasnt one been seen in Michigan for so long? Will Bo Schembechler hunt it down, and teach it how to run the student-body right? Here is an article at the Detroit Free Press descibing this amazing find:
- A couple of interesting science links:
What is a comet?,3367,1446_A_1124385_1_A,00.html
International Space Station crew space-walks without anyone left in the ship:

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

- Uncle George is finally releasing episode 4,5, and 6 on DVD! The new DVDs, which will be released September 21st, contain the special edition versions. According to Uncle George, the original versions (the ones that appeared in the theaters during the late 70s, early 80s) dont exist anymore. To most fans, Han Solo shot Greedo first, but I am on the other side of the debate. These are Uncle George's movies, and he has the right to do whatever he wants with them. Screw art! Capitalism is my Picasso. Here is a link with all the details:
- Want to see a picture of the newest villain from episode 3? A new Star Wars novel coming out in April reportedly has a picture of this villain on the cover. For months Star Wars fans have read descriptions of the villain, and have tried to recreate him using these descriptions. Now we finally get to see him. Follow this link:
- Ever wondered which hot peppers are the hottest? How do gourmets determine which is the hottest? How can you tame the mighty spices that cause you so much pain? Here is a link:
- Perhaps you have heard of a person by the name of Dr. Bob Arnot? If you saw his picture, you would probably recognize him. He is a true renaissance man. He is a world-class doctor, athlete, TV reporter, and speaks several languages. He is one of the few human beings I have ever seen who doesnt stutter. He speaks not in just sentences, but in whole paragraphs without any pause. He use to work for NBC, reporting from hot-spots like Iraq and Afghanistan. His contract ran out a few months ago, and the reason why points to more proof of liberal bias in the media. Here is a link about his current predicament. I pray Fox News hires this guy:  

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

- William Safire (former speech writer for Richard Nixon) writes a fictional article in which he discusses the current Democratic primaries with Tricky Dick. It's rather amusing:
- I dont read anymore. It has become too left-wing for my tastes, but today they have a funny article on new automobiles fueled by our unbridled rage. Here is a link:
- Every once in a while, I like to look at the movie box office totals. Here is a link to a wonderful website with all the box offices totals, including weeks, years, domestic, foreign, and all-time grand totals: