Wednesday, October 19, 2005

- Last Monday, I did something I had never done before...I bought a lottery ticket! The Powerball lottery is up to 340 million dollars, and I figured spending one dollar on a ticket was a worthwhile investment. I let the computer pick my numbers. Here is an article explaining the odds of winning the powerball. Perhaps I shouldnt start searching for my new summer-home until the lottery is finished.

- Cant get enough online puzzles? Me neither. Here is a link to one of the better Puzzle websites:

- Remember in Star Trek 4, when Scotty gives the formula for transparent aluminum to some businessmen? Well, move this technology from the science-fiction category, to the science-fact category:

- The NBA season starts in a few weeks. My beloved Lakers re-signed Phil Jackson, but for some bizarre reason, didnt really add any new talent around Mr. Jackson. I feel that a quality coach can only add about 3 or 4 wins to a team's season. Here are my predictions for the upcoming NBA season:

Western Conference Finals: Spurs over the Rockets in 5.
Eastern Conference Finals: Heat over the Pistons in 6.
NBA Finals: Spurs over the Heat in 6.
Lakers will finish just above .500, and get the 8th spot in the playoffs.

Here are ESPN's NBA power rankings for the 2005-2006 season:

- Another amazing optical illusion!