Friday, May 13, 2011

Schroeder plays the 7th symphony on a tablet PC

- The King's Speech.  Damn good movie.  Best movie I have seen in years.  Definitely in my all-time top 30 list.  During the future king's first speech, and during his last speech, haunting music plays in the background.  I finally got around to finding the source of this music.  Beethoven's 7th symphony.  I should have known.  Ludwig Van...the gift that keeps on giving:

- Peanuts cartoons with the last panel removed.  Charles Schulz always put the punch-line in the 4th (last) panel.  Without the last panel, his pleasant cartoons become bleak and existential:

- The end of the printed book?  I scored an android tablet at the Google IO this week. I plan on using it for eBook reading.  I have family members who are voracious readers, but haven't bought printed books in months:,2817,2383938,00.asp

- Top ten diminished sporting events.  Happy to see the world series on this list:

- The last World War I veteran has died.  Thirty years from now, the last WW2 veteran will likely have passed away: