Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shoelaces suspects the Batman has lupus

- Why most people are right-handed:

- Very interactive chart of the top 50 most populous countries:

- Do you really need to go to college?  The amount of financial debt you accrue, and the huge number of worthless degrees companies are not interested in, makes college less tempting:

- It use to be the case that most great scientists made their wonderful discoveries before the age of 25.  That's no longer true:

- Further versus farther:

Bruce Wayne's medical history, as charted by his physician.  Fun read:

- The very first photograph:

- What is a QR code, and how does it work?

- Historical college football stats:

- When you woke up Sunday morning, November 27th, did the air you breathe smell a little bit fresher?  Did your food taste better that day?  Perhaps the pain in your hip disappeared? Your dog stopped chewing on your sneakers?  You found a missing $20 bill in your jeans pocket?  You suddenly realized you have more work vacation than you had previously thought?  Your car stopped making a strange noise?  Construction ended on a stretch of freeway you use every day?  This is why:
 FINALLY!!! After eight long, unbearable years of gut-wrenching madness, Michigan defeated The Great Evil.  The universe has been set right.  Love, joy, happiness and purpose return to our lives.