Tuesday, September 12, 2006

- A funny article from Steve Martin, in which he apologizes for all of the horrible things he has done in his life:

- During the 2004 elections, blogging became a huge part of how people received their election news. I found one particular website especially informative. A little known political scientist by the name of Jay Cost made absolutely perfect predictions about the 2004 election. His analysis, while not only being uncannily accurate, was so darn thorough that he was even predicting election numbers in small, but important districts which even the republicans or democrats could not predict. He stopped updating his website last year, but he now writes for realclearpolitics.com. Read his latest articles to get a good feel for how the congressional elections will turn out this November:

- Participating in online gambling is not illegal in the United States, but running an online gambling site is. However, Microsoft may have found a way around this. Microsoft is considering allowing Xbox 360 owners to play Texas Hold em on their Xbox site, and winners would earn Xbox points, which they can then use to buy products and video games for their Xbox from Microsoft. You can already buy Xbox points using regular money, so you can see Microsoft opening a whole new can of worms if they proceed with this. The following article explains more:

- The 25 most important questions in the history of the universe:

- I keep talking about free online storage options on this site, and now a really good one has emerged. AOL has created a completely free website which gives you 5 gigabtyes of online storage. You can put anything you like into the space they give you, and then share the files with anyone you like. I am going to start putting all kinds of stuff onto my XDrive storage area:

- I taped and watched the whole Path to 9/11 docudrama on ABC. At first, I wasnt sure if I would watch it, since I am justifiably weary of any political drama appearing on any network. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Path to 9/11. It is definitely conservative, it definitely trashes the Clinton administration (especially Madeleine Albright. She comes out as a twisted, politically correct hag-beast) and it definitely taught me some things I did not know regarding the lead-up to 9/11. I found the whole thing riveting, and Harvey Kietel was excellent as John O'neill. Famed conservative historian Victor David Hanson writes about the 9/11 documdrama: