Wednesday, April 28, 2004

- Politics! Politics! Politics! Despite the increased (and necessary) military action in Iraq, the 9/11 hearings, and the Richard Clarke book, GWB's polling numbers have gone up. I have found three websites that try to predict the current electoral count. Here are the links:

- Who says that conservatives arent funny? Most of my friends are Republicans, and they make me laugh more than anyone on television. A group of right-leaning comedy writers are setting out to prove that conservatives have a sense of humor too. Lord knows that madmen like John "ribbons are the same as medals" Kerry gives them enough comedic ammo. Lets hope this troupe somehow gets their own TV show in the future. Here is an article detailing their exploits:,0,4956640.story?coll=bal-features-headlines

- "Your eyes can deceive you, dont trust them." - Obiwan Kenobi. Its amazing how our optical senses can play tricks on us. For example, look at the circles in the following webpage. I promise you, none of them are actually in motion, but they sure seem like they are:

- The #1 reason why we dont have flying cars, robots who do our laundry, and colonies on Mars is energy. Humanity simply cannot generate enough energy to accomplish these innovations. Twenty years ago, the big push from scientists was cold-fusion. In 1989, a couple of jokers from the University of Utah got the scientific community in an uproar when they claimed to make cold-fusion in a bathtub. Alas, it was a hoax, and a cruel one at that. Scientists are still trying to create a reliable, efficient form of fusion. Here is a link that describes their latest progress:

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

- Every day I read the website, The website posts articles from major columnists each day, but that is not the true value of the website. The best part of this site is the polling data. The right side of the website provides links to all of the major national and statewide polls for the 2004 election. Its the best website I have found for determining where the electorate currently is, and where it is heading. Here is a link:
- I am a big Everquest fan. Some of my friends are big Everquest fans. Lots of people play Everquest. Everquest currently has over 400,000 people paying a monthly fee. One of those people is the Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling. Here is an interview at with Curt Schilling, talking about his online gaming. Sounds like he is really into online gaming:
- Yesterday, Arizona Governor, and she-male contestant Janet Napolitano, signed a bill allowing all bars in Arizona to stay open until 2:30am. Last call for liquor will be 2am. This new law will go into effect 90 days after the Arizona Legislature disbands for the year, so it will probably start this fall. This is welcome news indeed. I have always felt that bars in Arizona close too soon. Oh sure, my liver wont thank me, but my liver has never done anything good for me anyhow. If you could compare all of the organs in my body, to cities in Iraq, then my liver would be the dastardly town of Fallujah! Here is a link to an article in the Arizona Republic, describing how the new law will work:
- Water that wont get you wet? I dont believe it! This is as likely as the Detroit Tigers winning their first five games. What!?! The tigers won their first five games of the season? Armageddon is here! Woohooo! Below is a link describing how scientists created a new kind of water that doesnt make things wet, and its practical applications:
- Having trouble taking over the galaxy? Cant seem to slaughter humanity fast enough? Having trouble motivating your henchmen to do the truly dirty work that is required to dominate the globe? If this sounds like you, then the website, might be able to help. Here is a link: