Wednesday, January 07, 2009

-Greg Gutfeld is slowly becoming the conservative version of Jon Stewart. Who is Greg Gutfeld? He hosts a very late-night show on Fox News called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. It airs at 1AM Arizona time, and Greg, along with three or four other panelists, discuss the news of the day in a funny, over the top, provocative fashion. I tape the show every night, but I dont usually watch the whole show. No, no, no, I watch when Greg responds to viewer emails, which often takes place towards the end of the show. His responses to viewer emails are some of the funniest, sharpest, and outrageous comments you will find on television! He crushes the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those foolish enough to email him. He also purposely gives incorrect references when referring to songs, movies, television shows, etc, because he knows people watching that late at night will tragically take him seriously, and send him more emails trying to correct him. For example, if an emailer asks Greg what kind of music he prefers, Greg might respond that he prefers listening to the Rolling Stones when Sammy Hagar was the lead singer.

Gutfeld has his own website, and I recommend you read it every day. He is a damn good writer, and he should be. He got his start in journalism:

- Andrew Breitbart, a former cronie of Matt Drudge, has started his own conservative blog-site called Big Hollywood, in hopes of getting more Hollywood conservatives to speak up. A few have come out of the woods so far. Let's hope this website catches on:

- I started learning how to play the piano a few weeks ago.
I had never even looked at a note of music, or ever tried any musical instrument. It's a huge under-taking, but its a very healthy hobby to pick-up later in life. If you are interested, here is a good tutorial for how to read music:

- A few nights ago my brother asked me the difference between direct current and alternating current. I was ashamed that I couldnt answer him, so I looked up the answer. Bottom line is that direct current always flows in one direction, and alternating current frequentl
y changes direction. Apparently it's easier to create alternating current, and it's easier to distribute it over long distances. Thomas Edison was a huge proponent of direct current, but George Westinghouse introduced alternating current to Americans in the late 19th century. Edison tried to destroy Westinghouse and his AC current, but was obviously unsuccessful. You most often find direct current in small batteries. You will find alternating current everywhere else, including the outlets in your home. Here is more about alternating current:

- A lengthy, but well-written article about the disintegration of my home town. In the first half of the 20th century, Detroit had close to 1.4 million people, making it the 4th largest city in the U.S. Now Detroit is down to 800,000 people. The most shocking fact I read from this article is that Detroit doesnt have a single super-market chain anywhere in the city. Dont be surprised if someday the city of Detroit simply disappears. Towns come and go all the time in the U.S. Just because Detroit was an important city 50 years ago doesnt guarantee it will survive forever:

- So Al Franken is gonna be a senator. Al Franken!?!?! Are you freakin kiddin me? Talk about a human being who isnt even vaguely qualified to lead anyone at anytime, in
anything! Good grief. The following picture clearly illustrates how this makes me feel...

Unbridled, unabridged, unapologetic rage!