Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We meet again, at last...Star Wars 7 news!

Finally, some solid news on Star Wars, Episode 7:


So, what characters are these new actors playing?  My speculation could be way, way off, but I am going to give my two cents anyhow:

John Boyega: Luke Skywalker's apprentice, and the co-lead of the younger actors.
Daisy Ridley: The daughter of Solo and Leia.  the other co-lead of the younger actors.
Adam Driver: The young baddie.  Either a Sith or dark jedi.  He will be around for all three movies.
Oscar Isaac: A new republic officer or a rogue-ish type scoundrel who tries to sweep Daisy off her feet.
Andy Serkis: The comedic alien.  Not childish like Jar Jar.  All CGI.
Domhnall Gleeson:  The spitting image of an SS-officer.  He will be a young, cunning Imperial officer who is around for all three movies.  A Thrawn-like character, but definitely not Thrawn.
Max Von Sydow: An old, wise, Imperial officer who survived the Battle of Endor and wants revenge against the New Republic.  He finds Driver and re-gathers the imperial fleet.  I suspect Sydow dies at the end of SW7 in the same way Cushing died in episode 4.  Sydow is 85 years old.  You do not cast an 85 year old man to appear in a new trilogy.

Prediction #1: Either Hamill or Ford dies in SW7, at hands of Driver.  I think it's more likely to be Ford than Hamill.  I think Ford has the biggest part of the three original cast members in SW7, so his death at the hands of Driver will really make movie-goers hate Driver, which is what Disney really wants, and needs.

Prediction #2: The plot of the three new movies will have two main stories.  The first follows Boyega, the second follows Ridley, much in the same way the plots of the original series follow Luke and Han/Leia.

Prediction #3:  No twins, which I would not have predicted a year ago. I dont see any possible twins in this cast.  It doesnt fit.  Clearly Ridley would have to be one of the twins, so who is the other?  There is no other in this cast list.