Monday, February 16, 2009

- I have started a twitter page. For those of you who dont know what I am talking about, twitter is a website which basically allows you to post global text messages. Each message can be up to 140 characters long, and everyone on the internet can read it. Twitter's popularity has exploded in the past year or so. Lots of famous people use it to keep their constituencies abreast of their current activities. For example, the architect Karl Rove has his own twitter site. He uses his twitter page to link political articles he has found, or to let people know which television shows he will be on next. Mr. Rove even follows my own twitter page! Alas, Rove also follows 7,000 other twitter pages, so I suspect he has assistants who read all his subscribed twitter sites and filters the interesting stuff to him. Here is a link to my twitter site. Feel free to share it with anyone you like. I plan on using the twitter site to post links to websites in which I dont feel an over-whelming need to add commentary. Dont worry, isnt going anywhere. I will use when I have something to say about a particular link I have found.

- 65 Historians rank the presidents. They have Georgie at #36! Come on! Good lord that's too low. He was a two-term president who served both terms. Most historians are liberals, and their hatred of Georgie is effecting their voting. Look at the list...the next closest two-term president to Georgie is Nixon, and he is at #27! History will certainly be kinder to George W. Bush than Richard Nixon. Georgie is kind of in the same boat as Truman. Truman was despised when he left office, but nowadays he is near the top of everyone's list. Georgie will never be at the top of any presidential ranking list, but like Truman, he will move up the list as the years pass.

- Top 25 conservative movies of the past 25 years, according to the National Review. I have some serious problems with this list. Some of these movies were never meant to be construed as conservative by the people who made them, and some clear omissions exist, including Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October. How can you not have the Hunt for Red October on this list!!?!
Best conservative movies

- Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the exact same day. In honor of Darwin, here is a website showing the evolution of the various electronic devices we now take for granted:

- Top ten most evil (fictional) computers:

- Hurricane paths over the past thirty years. Look at that one hurricane path off the coast of Brazil. I wrote about that hurricane a few years ago:

-12 college room-mates who both became famous:

- Three myths about plane crashes:
Plane crashes

- Monty Python now has their own youtube channel. They have posted many of their best skits. Philosopher soccer gets me every time!

- The best off-the-shelf macaroni and cheese:

- How to take great naps: