Monday, October 10, 2011

After the Big Bang, Polk and Einstein rejuvenate Motown

- The five stages of the universe.  Stages three, four and five (which make up a vast majority of the timeline) won't be much fun:

- Ten tech concepts you have always wanted to learn:

- Top five scientists.  Let's replace Turing with Isaac Newton (how the heck do you make a top scientist list without Newton!?!?) and let's replace Linus Pauling with Michael Farraday.  The rest I can live with:

- How much do the top tech companies pay their employees?  Search by company and city:

- Name the 44 U.S. presidents in ten minutes.  I got 41 out of 44.  I struggle with the presidents from 1836 to 1860 and the presidents from 1876 to 1896.  There were some real lemons during those two time-frames:

- Is the city of Detroit finally starting to turn it around?

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