Monday, May 24, 2010

If Mark Twain carried a towel, he could have defeated Vader

- $120 million worth of Picasso's and Matisse's stolen from a Paris museum.  The heist sounds like it came straight from a movie:

-Mark Twain wrote an auto-biography and gave it to the University of California with specific instructions to not release his 5,000 page memoirs until 100 years after his death.  Remarkably, the university honored his request!  The 100 years is now over, and the university plans to soon release his auto-biography:

- Carry a towel with you today (May 25th.)  Trust me.  You won't be sorry.  A towel is the most useful item in the known universe:

- George Lucas once said that the original print for the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) no longer exists.  Apparently Lucas wasn't joking:

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