Friday, May 28, 2010

Bruce Wayne owned a futuristic soda machine at Oxford

- A little Batman humor:

- Not your father's soda vending machine:

- How many times have you seen Back to the Future?  Doesn't matter, I guarantee you never noticed this wonderful Easter egg:

- One of the most difficult academic tests you can take requires you only respond to a single word:

- A brief history of computer hacking:

- A Michigan lawmaker half-heartedly wants to pass a law to determine who can be a journalist.  I despise journalists and modern journalism.  Whether left or right, every journalist in the country is bias and no longer cares if anyone knows it.  However, passing laws that say what a journalist is and what a journalist can write is a slippery slope from which we would never return.  The first amendment is messy and upsets everyone, but nothing else can create true fairness. Hat tip to my brother for finding this article:

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