Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pioneers of Computer Science stay up late to watch Red Eye

- Grace Hopper, one of the first female computer scientists.  Next time you feel like you are having trouble fitting in at work, think about Grace:

- Red Eye celebrates three years on the air.  It's ratings are better than ever.  I am going to keep pushing this show on you people because basically it's the only comedy show we have on TV to counter the left-wing trash on Comedy Central. Greg Gutfeld crushing viewers' emails, Robot Theater, Pinch the NY Times correspondent, and an endless amount of news material to mock, what is not to love about this show!?!?  I aint messing around.  Watch it or record it!

This is an actual billboard posted along the Minnesota interstate.  Good lord yes, we miss you!!! Please come back!  It will be just like the old-days, I promise!


Randal said...

I miss Gutfield's Huffington Post blog. That was some fine, fine dining there. Especially once you found the "Double Secret Hidden Blog."

Dave said...

Beautiful! I love it, I have one just like it for Eisenhower in my back yard.