Friday, February 12, 2010

The Buzz about Artificial Intelligence in New Vegas

- Fallout: New Vegas will get released this fall.  The Fallout games are one of the best computer roleplaying series I have ever played.  The Fallout world is set in an apocalyptic future, but this particular future is based upon how people viewed the future in the 1950s.  It gives the game a unique, eerie, nostalgic feel, even though the game is set a few hundred years from now.  Bethesda bought the rights to the Fallout single player franchise from Interplay a few years ago, (rumor has it that Interplay is developing an online multi-player Fallout) and created Fallout 3.  Bethesda's version ditched the top-down perspective and made the game into a first person perspective.  All three games are ULTRA-VIOLENT, especially the third game, but the violence really does enhance the overall mood of the games.  Fallout 3 was a very good game, but not quite as good as the first two games.  Fallout 3 was too short and lacked the sense of humor from the original two games.  The introductory cut-scenes to these games, whether they are made by Interplay or Bethesda, are a hoot to watch.  Here is the intro-cut scence for Fallout: New Vegas:

- A bunch of experts weigh in on when we will have human-level Artificial Intelligence:

- Twelve smart and memorable quotes about technology:

- Google released their attempt to conquer the social networking craze. It's called Google Buzz, and it seems more a threat to twitter than to Facebook.  Here is article explaining Google Buzz.  I have no idea at this point if I will use Google Buzz, but it's always fun to try new technology.  So far, I have been experimenting with Buzz more on my Nexus One Android phone than on my laptop:

- Five stories to follow during the 2012 Winter Olympics:


Scott said...

Last night (2/12) I read there were some security issues with the new Google site?

So, New Las Vegas is an attempt by man to re-introduce civilization? The city in the clip is something I have never seen in a Fallout game -- a normal looking town.

Randal said...

Did you see the Fallout movie? It was called Book of Eli.

Greymarch said...

The apocalyptic setting is very popular in pop-culture right now (Book of Eli, The Road, zombie movies, etc.) I happen to think the Fallout games have played a small part in that.

Scott - you use Google Buzz in your gmail webpage. The problem is that if you reply or follow a certain person's messages, you can expose your entire email contacts list to everyone else who also follows that person. Yesterday google removed that loop-hole from Google buzz, but there are still remaining privacy concerns.