Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Olympics, Emails, Red Eye, Android OS, Foul-mouthed movie characters

- The Vancouver winter Olympics start February 12th.  Us lucky kids who live in the western U.S. get to watch the events live.   Should be good fun.  Here is an article predicting the U.S. medal count.  My prediction?  U.S. finishes with a total of 20 medals, putting us in third place for the medal count, behind Germany and Canada:

- Have you noticed that when you send or receive emails using a web email client, like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc., advertisements often will appear to the left or right of your email, or even contained in your email?  The email programs crawl your email just before you receive it, and generate ads for your viewing pleasure based upon the content of the email.  Besides the obvious privacy issues with letting a company crawl your emails, many web-based email users find the ads annoying and obtrusive.  I don't mind the ads; it's the price of using free web-based email clients.

In this age of political correctness, the email programs will try to avoid placing ads into an email which create an obvious offensive or awkward advertisement.  For example, if you write an email to a friend about how you are heartbroken your aunt died of melanoma, then you probably wont have an advertisement about sunscreen placed into your email.  Knowing this, some web-based email users have devised ways of excluding the ads from their emails.  By ending your email with an incredibly controversial sentence, you can avoid almost all advertisements in your web-based emails.  The following sentence is the kind of phrase that will do the trick: "The 9/11 nazi terrorist raped and murdered my HIV-stricken child."  This sentence sets off all kinds of warnings to the ad generating crawling programs.  They wont go anywhere near an email with such a politically incorrect sentence.  Obviously, it would be madness to include this sentence in every email you write.  People will think you are nuts!  So, clever writers have created sentences that are far less offensive to include in your emails.  Check out the following link to read more about how you can create sentences that will remove ads from your emails:

- Top 20 best applications for your Nexus One (or Android OS) smartphone:

- My top five foul-mouthed movie characters, in no particular order:
  • Buford T. Justice from Smokey and the Bandit
  • Jimmy Serrano, Midnight Run
  • Grandpa Gustafson, Grumpy Old Men
  • Roman Troy Moronie, Johnny Dangerously
  • Tie: Tommy DeVito, Goodfellas and Sergeant Thomas Highway, Heartbreak Ridge.
The are many, many more who deserve to be on this list.  Use the comments section to add your favorite foul-mouthed movie characters to the list, but please dont give examples of how foul-mouthed these characters actually are!  Let's keep this website PG-rated.

- The Fox News show Red Eye has added a new segment to it's already must-watch TV show.  It's called Robot Theater.  Check out their lampooning of Media Matters, a left-wing organization devoted to calling out right-wing media bias:

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Randal said...

I'd have to think about movies, but I don't think anyone in the enterainment industry out-Shakespeares Deadwood's Al Swearengen when it comes to being foulmouthed.

I mean, it's even part of his name.