Friday, January 08, 2010

Warcraft, Iron Man, Nexus One, and ten places you cannot go

- I wrote about this a few years ago.  The feds may have finally caught the Tylenol murderer:,2933,582534,00.html

- Ten places you absolutely cannot go:

- Blizzard (the company that owns World of Warcraft) is seriously considering making physical authenticators mandatory for World of Warcaft.  I have no problem with this.  I received an authenticator a few weeks ago, and it gives me peace of mind.  Over two years ago my account got hacked.  It turned me paranoid (and rightfully so.)  There are thousands of nasty people all over the world who's sole job in life is to steal the accounts of Warcraft players, use the accounts to generate in-game gold, then sell the in-game gold online.  I know it sounds incredibly bizarre, but trust me, it's a huge problem for the online gaming industry:

- Marvel comics has once again created new armor for Iron Man

I am in favor of the new armor, but I am not floored by it.  I like it slightly better than his previous armor.  I was hoping his new armor would mimic the movie armor, which I adore.  No character in the history of comic books has received more costume changes than Iron Man.  Iron Man was created in 1963.  From 1969 till about 1990, Iron Man had the same red and gold armor.  Then, Marvel started giving him new armors on a frequent basis.  I dont care for the small white lights on the armor, and I wonder why this new armor has the small lights?  Perhaps they are landing lights?  /sarcasm off.

- My first hack for the Google Nexus One phone.   This hack actually works for any android OS phone.  Cell-phones are notorious for quickly data switching from 3G to Edge and back again, when all you really want is to stay on 3G.  If you are using an android phone, open your dialer, type the following into the dialer as if you were placing a call "*#*#4636#*#*" select Phone Information, then select WCDMA only. This will force your android-based phone to only accept 3G connections.


Randal said...

Dude, one of your ads is for a liberal politcal place. Shun. SHUN!!

Still clicked on it, though. Gots to pay the bills!

Randal said...

Oooh oooh oooh! I've actually been to Club 33!!!!

Greymarch said...

A few unwanted ads will always slip through the system, but overall the ads should match the content of the website.

Randy, I am curious to know more about Club 33. Were you actually inside the joint? Did you get food and/or cocktails? Tell us more.

Oh, and one more thing...for god's sake Randal, please don't call me dude. This is an Big Lebowski-free website.

Randal said...

Years and years uncle, the one who did that big food and wine tasting thing a couple years back, they used to live in Huntington Beach, right down the way from Disneyland. We'd go visit them and go to Disney...his winery did some corporate stuff with Disney, and they had a corporate membership to 33. I had absolutely no idea it was anything exclusive until years later, though. This was, geez, twenty-some years ago at least. It was all set up like a big buffet...pretty fancy buffet, but really just a big buffet (and I'm 99% sure I avoided the lobsters and caviar and such and went straight for the hamburgers). When you're 12 years old, the fancy looking dining hall doesn't quite hold a candle to Pirates of the Carribean, which I remember being right next door.

ck said...

So what happens then if you go into an area without 3G coverage?

Greymarch said...

If you use this android hack, and you go into an area without 3G coverage, you will have no data connection.

I live in Mesa AZ (a major suburb of Phoenix.) I am using this hack, and so far I have stayed connected to 3G no matter where I have traveled in Phoenix.

Obviously this tip is not for everyone, but it may be worth a try for many Nexus One owners who seem to be randomly jumping from 3G to Edge.