Friday, January 15, 2010

Pass the biscuits, probabilities and Nexus One fun

- Let's do some politicing.  As Pappy O'Daniels would say, "This ain't no one-timin'.  We are mass-communicatin'!"

Neither Senator Dorgan (D) from North Dakota nor Senator Dodd from Connecticut (D) will run for re-election in 2010.  North Dakota is one of the most conservative states in the union, so chalk that seat up to Republicans.  Dodd's poll numbers are at rock-bottom.  Republicans would actually prefer Dodd ran for re-election.  The attorney general of Connecticut, a popular democrat, will run instead of Dodd for the Connecticut seat.  Expect the democrats to keep the seat after the 2010 election.  With the North Dakota seat likely going red, the democratic super-majority is virtually guaranteed to disappear after the 2010 election.  Republicans will likely pick up from 3 to 6 seats in the Senate after the 2010 elections.  Not enough to win back the majority, but certainly enough to block or change some of Obama's agenda (including judicial appointments.)

Ted Kennedy's seat is up for special election this Tuesday and the most recent polls have the Republican Scott Brown with a small lead. Hmmm...I think my toes feel a little numb because HELL MUST BE FREEZING OVER!  A republican may take car-barge Teddy's seat in Massachusetts!  Obama is traveling to Boston Sunday to campaign for the democrat.  You think getting rejected in Copenhagen during the Olympic selection committee meetings was a slap in the face to Obama, watch what happens if Brown wins that senate seat.

To follow politics, I recommend reading The Corner at National Review everyday and read the new website the Daily Caller:

Speaking of the Daily Caller, here is an article about how your local news is really just an annoying nanny:

- As we slowly approach the 2012 elections, I will try to mention potential Republican presidential candidates who catch my eye.  I think I mentioned Tim Pawlenty in a previous post (ed. If I didnt, I will in the future.)  John Thune is another Republican to watch.  Thune is a senator from South Dakota, specifically he is the politician who knocked-off then Senator majority leader Tom Daschle.  The pros and cons for Thune:

  • Tall (dont underestimate this.  This is important.)
  • Handsome
  • Popular at home and with Republicans
  • No major scandals attached to him
  • Known as a giant-killer
  • Solid conservative, but not a crazy right-wing nut
  • Fairly young (age 48)
  • From a very red state
  • From a very small state
  • Another middle-aged white guy
  • Has no clear agenda or issues he is passionate about
Also keep an eye on Paul Ryan from Wisconsin and Eric Cantor from Ohio, both young Republicans and both in the house of representatives.  Here is an article about John Thune:

- Top ten most remote places on earth:

- If you roll a six-sided die, what are the chances it comes up a 6? The chances are 1 in 6.  If you roll the same die 199 more times and it doesn't turn up a 6 on any of those rolls, on the 200th roll what are the chances it comes up a 6?  The chances are exactly the same, 1 in 6.  Before you roll the die, if you think to yourself, what are the chances that the die will turn up a 6 at least once, if I roll it 200 times in a row?  Now, that's very different than the first two examples.  The following website explains these simple laws of probability.  Although the website applies to the likelihood of magical items dropping in World of Warcraft, it applies to all games of chance.  Next time you go to Vegas, understand these simple probability laws, and you will lose less money:

- How to unlock and root your Google Nexus One phone:

- It seems like every website on the net devoted to the Android OS has a twitter page, so I have accumulated all of the Android-based twitter pages I follow and put them into one twitter list.  Feel free to share this list, steal, and even claim it as your own:

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