Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's next, Poe's secret admirer and the real Jack Bauer

- "What's next Ridley?" The Right stuff.

What will Obama do next, now that Scott Brown has won the senate seat in Massachusetts?  Brown's victory last night can only be interpreted one a repudiation of Obama's policies over the past year.  If a democrat cannot win in one of the most blue states in the union, imagine how the rest of the electorate feels?  Oh sure, Coakley was a lazy campaigner and Brown ran a clever, semi-populist campaign, but Brown pounded Obama and his agenda.  Brown didn't necessarily run as a Republican, but he certainly ran as a Tea party conservative, which is close enough.

As I stated on my facebook page, tonight's election results are unimpeachable, empirical evidence that in 2008 people voted against George W. Bush and voted for the personality of Barak Obama.  They did not vote for Obama's policies.  The average American voter cannot stand Obama's policies.  The blue-dog democrats in red and purple states must be quaking in their boots after the Brown win.  Steam-boat Teddy is spinning in his grave!

So, I ask again, what will Obama do now?  Bill Clinton faced basically the same decision in 1994, although he was in a much more dire situation.  Clinton had just lost the house of representatives and the senate to the republicans during the mid-term elections.  Clinton very wisely moved towards the center, made the republicans into the bad-guys and won re-election.  Will Obama do the same?  Will Obama lurch towards the middle?  Will we see Obama the politician or Obama the liberal?  My best guess is we will see Obama the politician.  I think Obama is truly a liberal at heart, but the only thing better than getting elected president of the United States is being president of the United States.  I think he will do almost anything to keep the job, and that includes becoming a moderate for a little while.  For the next few weeks Obama will stick to his message, but casually he will let the healthcare bill die a quiet death.  I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in March or April Obama pushes for some middle-class tax cuts and maybe asks for even more money to fight the war in Afghanistan.

Late tonight I stumbled upon this youtube video.  Hitler's reaction to Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts senate race.  Please watch it.  I guarantee you will get a kick out of it:

- I have started a list of the political twitter feeds I follow.  Good stuff.  This list was on fire Tuesday night!

- Every year, for the past sixty years, a mysterious stranger has left a bottle of cognac and roses on the gravesite of Edgar Allen Poe.  The clandestine Poe fan didn't show up this year.  Let's hope the tradition has not ended:,2933,583347,00.html

- For the last three years I have tried to watch the TV show 24.  I know it has a loyal following and many people much smarter than me love this show, but I just cannot get into it.  I have honestly, more than once, given it a fair try.  The show is too silly, too unrealistic for me.  Characters talk at each other instead of to each other.  Here is an article about the real Jack Bauers in our world and how different they are from the TV character:


Randal said...

I love the Downfall mashups...there's one where he learns that Hilary lost the nomination to Obama that gets me every time. You might get a kick out of the one where he's banned from WOW.

Greymarch said...

I have also seen several of the Hitler videos. The Warcraft one is awful. This new one is by far the best of the bunch.

Dave said...

I can't watch it either, wrong Southerland for me.