Monday, February 11, 2008

- My Oscar picks. I list who I think will win, and in parentheses I list who I want to win:

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men (I saw No Country. I thought it was awful. I also saw Juno and Michael Clayton. Both were interesting, but not Oscar-worthy. There Will Be Blood deserves to win.)

Best Director: Cohen Brothers. (I prefer Anderson for There Will Be Blood.)

Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis. (Daniel Day Lewis. The guy is an acting machine!)

Best Actress: Julie Christie (Julie Christie. She has been around forever. Ellen Page was fun, but her character was too cute by half. Cate Blanchett was stale in Elizabeth. Give Julie the damn statue!)

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (Bardem is the lock of the night, but how hard is it to play a quiet psycho? You see them all the time on the big screen. I prefer Hal Holbrook. Anyone who can do a dead-on impression of Mark Twain is fine by me.)

Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett (Cate is in the Dylan biopic for how long? 10 seconds? Give it to Amy Ryan.)

Follow this link to read what the experts think will happen on Oscar night:,,20007870_20164475_20173231,00.html

- On a slightly related note...after watching Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I found out where potatoes came from. I always assumed they originated in Ireland. I had no idea:

- A full lunar eclipse on February 20th. An eclipse saved Columbus 500 years ago. Perhaps one might save you someday:
Eclipse saved Columbus

- A while back, I remember reading about the Chinese govenment trying to affect the weather for the Beijing Olympics. Apparently it's having some success:

- "You dipped, and then you dipped again. It's like putting your mouth in the whole dip. Just dip once, and get it over with!!!" Well, little Timmy had a valid point:
Only dip once

- Several months ago I mentioned how few American WWI veterans are left. Now there is only one left:

- Ten technologies we could build, if they weren't so darn expensive:

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