Monday, March 03, 2008

- Who should McCain pick for his VP? I prefer someone conservative, fairly young, and from the midwest. One person's opinion of McCain's top ten VP list. I like this list:

- Want to keep rowdy teenagers out of your neighborhood? Don't call the police, use a high-frequency noise that only they can hear:

- Living to 100 is easier than first suspected:

- Everyone with blue-eyes has a common ancestor?

- How best to kill a 500 foot monster:

- The official two and a half-minute trailer for the new Iron Man movie is out. I have something even better. Follow this link, and make sure you have the volume turned-up. If this doesn't get you jazzed up for the new Iron Man movie, nothing will. This the Tony Stark I know!

- Which colleges produce the most NCAA champions. Take a guess:

- Microsoft is offering you free storage space on the net. It's called SkyDrive and you get five gigabytes worth of storage:

- HD-DVD is dead Jim. A few years ago on this website I predicted that HD-DVD would win the format war over Blue-ray. Boy was I wrong! Blue-ray has officially won, but don't go buying that Blue-ray player just yet. Here's why you should wait:,2933,331553,00.html

- 50 Mystery writers to read before you die:

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