Friday, December 07, 2007

- Ten easy to learn math tricks:

- American Civics Test. I scored an 85%

- Two articles about artificial life. According to the first article, scientists will create artificial life in the next 3 to 10 years. In the second article, apparently someone already has created artificial life!

- I bought one of my spring semester programming books early, so I could get a head start on the course. The programming language I am referring to is assembly language, and it's the language I would most likely use if I want to program this type of machine:

...or if I want to some day build this (yes, this is an actual picture from the new movie)

- Which hands to play, and not to play, in low-limit poker. Memorize this, and I guarantee you will
(at the minimum) break even every time you play at a casino:

- Wonderful optical illusion. Which way does the silhouette spin for you? Supposedly, this optical illusion tests whether you are left-brain or right-brain dominant. It spins counter-clockwise for me, but if I stare to the left or right of the silhouette, and let my eyes relax, it will start to spin clockwise! Kooky!

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