Monday, November 01, 2004


- These are my truly honest predictions for the election. It is quite obvious that I am partisan, but I will do my best to tell you what I really think will happen:

Florida: Bush 52, Kerry 48
Ohio: Bush 51, Kerry 49
Michigan: Kerry 51, Bush 48
Pennsylvania: Kerry 52, Bush 48
New Hampshire: Kerry 51, Bush 49
Iowa: Bush 51, Kerry 49
Wisconsin: Bush 50, Bush 49
Minnesota: Kerry 50, Bush 49
New Mexico: Bush 52, Kerry 48

Electoral Count: Bush 296, Kerry 242
Popular Vote: Bush 51%, Kerry 48%

I do not believe that Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, New Jersey, Hawaii, or Washington are battleground states.

Here are my predictions for the close senate races:
Florida: Martinez(R) 50%, Castor(D) 48%
South Dakota: Thune(R) 50%, Daschle(D) 49%
Colorado: Salazar(D) 50%, Coors(R) 48%
Oklahoma: Coburn(R) 53%, Carson(D) 46%
North Carolina: Burr(R) 51%, Bowles(D) 48%
South Carolina: DeMint(R) 54%, Tenenbaum(D) 46%
Alaska: Knowles(D) 51%, Murkowski(R) 48%

Republicans gain a seat in Georgia, but lose a seat in Illinois. The Republicans will net 2 seats. The new make-up of the Senate will be 53 Rep, 46 Dem, 1 Independent.

- I should have posted this a few days ago. It would have been more appropriate. In the city of Detroit (where I was born) there was a yearly tradition called Devil's Night. It always took place the night before Halloween. Detroit is the only city in the country that does this. Kids would roam the streets and toilet-paper people's homes, or rub soap on their windows, or throw eggs at their front doors. When I grew up in Michigan, it was mostly harmless fun, but in the past 20 years, Devil's Night is seen as a very dangerous night in Detroit (all nights are dangerous in Detroit.) Here is a link with slightly more information:

- I am a big fan of Harry Houdini. Not because of his amazing magic tricks, but because of the way he would later explain his magic tricks, and debunk other magicians or charlatans who tried to fool the American public. Houdini died on October 31st, 1926 (Halloween) in Detroit (nice lead in from my previous post huh? See! I know what I am doing.) Here is a webpage all about his wonderful life:

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