Wednesday, November 24, 2004

- Georgie wins re-election, Daschle loses re-election, Michigan makes the Rose Bowl, and Dan Rather is out at CBS. What a wonderful month! I figured Gunga Dan would leave CBS late next year, but the Texas Guard fiasco appears to have forced him out several months sooner. If Rather has any saving grace, its his election night quotes. Here is a link to many of the colorful metaphors and similes Gunga Dan used on election night 2004, and 2000:

- What's the deadliest disease to human beings? AIDS? Certain types of cancer? Anthrax? Its none of these. Its rabies. If rabies is left untreated, it is virtually guaranteed to kill you. In the history of recorded medicine, only five people have ever survived rabies without the usual treatment. Of course, rabies is completly curable if you seek medical attention. Here is an article about a young woman who recently survived rabies, and a webpage about rabies:,2933,139500,00.html

- NASA has created a new type of airplane engine called a ScramJet (short for Supersonic Combustion Ramjet). Such an engine allows airplanes to fly at ten times the speed of sound! NASA successfully tested it last week. Here is a link to the official NASA website:

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