Wednesday, October 06, 2004

- Last May, Phoenix passed Philadelphia as the 5th largest city in the United States. I know this because each time Phoenix is about to pass another city in population, my knees swell. It's similiar to the effect of old people who can detect the weather, only much more painful. Here is a link to an article about why Phoenix passed Philadelphia, a link to the most populous cities in the United States, and a link to the most populous metropolitan areas in the world:

- I can admit it. John Kerry won the first debate. Personally, I thought it was a tie, but I will accept the general consensus. I think Bush will do better in the second debate, and third debate, but I think Kerry will win those too. The margin will be closer though. Kerry got a small bounce out of the first debate, and could get small bounces out of the next two debates, but it wont help much. The fundamentals of the race havent changed. Its still a referendum on the president, and the current state of the country. The same reasons why George Bush had a hefty lead in August and September will be the same reasons why he has a hefty lead in November. Here is an interesting article explaining the same idea. I dont think Georgie will win by a dozen points, but I do think he will win by 5 or 6 points.

- Has the privatization of space begun? Will our grand-kids travel into outer space, with the same attitudes we have towards travelling from Phoenix to Los Angeles? We took a small step in that direction this week. The first privately funded firm has successfully launched a spacecraft into outer space, twice in two weeks. They won 10 million dollars for doing this, but more importantly, they showed it could be done quickly, and safely. These same people will start taking tourists into outer-space starting in 2007. It will only cost you 250 grand! Start saving those pennies. Read this article, to learn more:

- Quite coincidentally, Gordon Cooper, better known as "Gordo" passed away this week. He was one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts. He was played by Dennis Quaid in the movie The Right Stuff. Gordo has a claim to fame which I think will never happen again...he was the last American to go into space alone. Here is an article about his life:


Anonymous said...

One comment that should have been made concerning Philly's decline and Phoenix's ascension - how about the weather? The climate?

In court last week we discussed the topic, and it just seemed common "sensical" to all of us: the high in Phx year and year out is 110 - 114. The low in Philly is 0-10. Now, the normal human body temp is 98.6. Which of the two are closer in variance?

The average human being can sit in 110 weather, under the sun, naked for what...20 - 30 mins without any real threat to their life? Do that at 10 degrees in Philly and your toast.

Given the colonization of America, mainly beginning with migration and exploration from the East Coast to the West Coast, its easy to explain why many East Coast cities dominated the landscape and garnered the larger populations. Summary - its only natural Phoenix has bypassed some of these East Coast cities. Its cold in Philadelphia.

As to Cooper? Well, he would kick my ass. I wish not to have my behind kicked (i promised the Smithsonian my perfect apple upon my demise) and therefore have promised before everything i hold dear to name the next animal i own Gordo.

The most significant political story of the week? John Edwards loss to "Uncle Dick". Edwards stock has dropped just slightly...he seemed too ordinary, and now may not dominate the Democratic political spotlight in 2008 like i once believed he might. Thank you Uncle Dick for, as Senator Chanby noted "The whoopin behind the woodshed".

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