Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watson, Oscar and Remo take a ride in my Mustang

- Annual Oscar predictions:
Best Picture: The King's Speech.  A mature movie with great acting and earnest dialog.  Hollywood doesn't make these kind of movies anymore.
Best Director: David Fincher.  Bleh.  Any movie written by Sorkin should be cast aside.  I am fed-up with smug characters quickly talking at each other, instead of to each other.
Best Actor: Colin Firth
Best Actress: Padme Amidala, opps...I mean Natalie Portman.
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale.  Pulling for Geoffrey Rush.  Rush is incapable of delivering a bad line.
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo.  The most wide-open race of the night.  Anyone could win.

For further predictions, try these two links:,,20311937_20463415,00.html#20915551

- Remo Williams reboot.  The original flick felt like a bad TV-movie, but Chiun was one heck of a wicked character.  If they cast Chiun correctly, the remake could be worth watching:

- Watson trashed the two human players on Jeopardy.  I watched the whole thing.  I was slightly disappointed with the computer getting fed questions through text messages, and not listening to Alex Trebek's voice.  Seems a little like cheating.  How close are we to a computer that can truly think?

- History of the Ford Mustang.  Bought a new Mustang a few weeks ago. I have orbited around the Sun almost forty times, and only now am I taking an interest in how an automobile actually works:

- Are you getting eight hours of continuous sleep each night?  No?  Here's why you should not worry:

- Alcohol consumption per country:

- Ambidextrous people are easier to manipulate than right-handed people.  I doubt this is true.  Oh wait, well maybe it is.  I cannot decide.  I am going back and forth.  What do you think?  I will follow your judgement:!5766480

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