Sunday, January 23, 2011

How I met Harry Houdini in a gully

- What's the difference between storage and stowage?

- Why left turns should be illegal:

- Unsung actors who passed away in 2010. Of this list, Harold Gould and Steven Landesburg jump out at me.  Gould was the constant professional and Landesburg always had a subtle layer of silliness behind everything he said:

- Best time to buy certain things in 2011:

- Want to be a super-hero?  Harry Houdini came about as close as anyone.  Emulate him:

- People with names at the end of the alphabet are more likely to be impulsive buyers than those at the front.  Makes perfect sense if you think about it:

- Want to see a second sun in the sky?  The star Betelguese will soon (astronomically speaking) go super-nova, causing a massive burst of starlight which will last for several weeks.  Should be completely harmless to us:

- Which sports are most popular in the U.S?  I should carry this list in my wallet.  Incredibly useful list when debating with someone at a sports bar:

- What do the numbers on your credit card really mean?  The numbers are not random:

- What is a gully?  I was exploring Welchman's gully last week:

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