Monday, October 11, 2010

Time-travel with extinct animals and Michael Faraday

- Jurrasic Park is closer than you think.  The chances of bringing certain extinct animals back to life:

- 40 best conservative blogs for 2010:

- Google's 2010 election ratings:

- Microsoft executive proclaims doom for blu-ray technologies. I happen to agree.  The future is downloading or streaming your content:

- Time moves faster at your face than your feet:

- Astronomers find a potentially habitable planet a mere 20 light-years from earth:

- Michael Faraday, born September 22nd, 1791.  A top five scientist in my book.  He changed everything:


Randal said...

Good thing I have time off - I have a lot of new conservative blogs to check out. However, that list is nowhere near adequate if he immediately disallowed any of the Pajamas Media and doesn't include Jim Treacher's DC Trawler and Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom. And IMAO has been really lacking lately...

And as for the Blu-Ray thing...yeah...that won't happen for some time. The vast majority of people simply do not have broadband; and even those that do have bandwith caps that'll limit you to only a handful of HD movies a month. The infrastructure's not there yet. It'll happen, sure, but you're looking at over a decade at least - and it's going to take an upgrade in another medium to seriously kickstart it, such as televisions incorporating technology - I think the new AppleTV might be the start of that (which should scare Microsoft even more). The competing businesses will have to agree on a consistent model, too...otherwise the net neutrality people will be all over that. Add to that the fact there are certain capabilities that are available on discs that aren't on streaming yet (7.1 HD SURround sound seems to be a huge sticking point), I think saying that "streaming is the future" isn't terribly prophetic, but saying that it's going to happen soon is...not going to happen. Hell, Microsoft was telling us how Zune was going to destroy the iPod.

Lauren Chevalier said...

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