Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man villains create noisy restaurants

- I gave the original Iron Man movie an 84 out of 100.  I give Iron Man 2 a 68.  Iron Man 2 suffers from all the problems that plague most comic-book movies: too many characters, too many plot lines, bad dialog, and contrived scenes.  Allow me to partake in some proverbial nitpicking.  Spoilers ahead...

The scene where Stark gets drunk and acts like a jerk is completely in-character for Stark.  Every time Iron Man and Warmachine appear together in a comic-book, they have to fight.  The comic-book fans demand it, but the fight between the two of them in this movie was so contrived that it almost ruined the movie for me.

What's with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts talking over each other?  Iron Man 2 isn't a Robert Altman movie.  It's cute the first time they talk over each other.  Every time after that is simply annoying.

Did you notice that many of the action scenes were filmed at night?  It's not a coincidence.  When adding CGI to a scene, if the scene is dark, then the edges of the CGI animation are more difficult to detect with the naked eye. This means the animators can spend less time creating photo-realistic animations.  In other words, adding CGI to night-scenes saves money.

The whole production was rushed.  The original Iron Man movie was released in 2008.  Most comic book sequels take three years to plan and produce.  Marvel couldn't get any of their other comic-book movies ready for 2010, so they pushed through Iron Man 2.  Marvel is releasing Captain America, Thor, and Avenger movies before they do another Iron Man movie, so the next Iron Man movie wont be released until at least 2013.  With the longer time-frame, I am expecting a better product.

Oh, and one more thing.  For goodness sake Marvel, please no more tech-based bad guys in the next Iron Man movie!  A few days ago Jon Favreau stated in an interview that he would like to see Mandarin as the next Iron Man villain, so expect to see Iron Man's arch-enemy finally make an appearance in Iron Man 3.

On the topic of villains, here is my top-five list of the super-heroes who have the best menagerie of villains:
1. Batman
2. Spider-man
3. X-men
4. Fantastic Four
5. Daredevil

Iron Man's tech grounded in reality...sort of:

- Why do the faces of most U.S. coins look left, but the Abraham Lincoln penny looks to the right?

- Why are restaurants so loud?

- A mainstream article about the new Google Chrome operating system:

- An incomplete and mostly wrong history of programming languages.  Computer scientists will find it hilarious, otherwise feel free to ignore:

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