Wednesday, May 05, 2010

David Cameron hides his sci-fi books in a head of lettuce.

- The nutty Brits will have an election tomorrow.  The Tories (conservatives) had a big lead several weeks ago.  Tories and the Labour party allowed a third party candidate into the debates.  The third party candidate, Nick Clegg, kicked butt in the first debate, so now the third party candidate has eaten into the Tory and Labour votes.  The Tories still have a small lead.   After tomorrow's voting, the most likely outcome will be a hung parliament, which means no political party has an outright claim to appoint the next prime minister.  From my understanding, David Cameron (leader of the Tory party) will ultimately be appointed the next prime minister, but he will have to form a coalition with a few members of the other parties to get it done.  I prefer Sky News for all of my British election info:

- Ten awesome safes to store your valuables.  #1 on this list is truly clever.  Who the heck would think to look in the crisper!?!

- The man who predicted science-fiction:

- How a cell-phone call really works:

- The seven most glaring inconsistencies in TV sitcom history. Hello!?!  Where is Chuck Cunningham on this list?

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Randal said...

That was a rather interesting article on Hugo Gernsback. I suppose he's as good a candidate as any when it comes to the title "Father of Science Fiction." H.G. Wells could make that claim, I suppose. Hell, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote science fiction in the pulps before Amazing Stories was invented. Still, to attempt to define a genre and dedicate a magazine to it, yeah, Hugo's got that going for him. Of course, Campbell dwarfed him when it came to being influential in the pulp realm.

I've recently been getting familiar with Olaf Stapledon...that man created concepts that are still in use today. There's a great series that was published some years back called "The Road to Science Fiction." Probably one of my most treasured books (and try to find copies for under 50 dollars these days!)