Monday, April 19, 2010

Neil Armstrong and Morgan Freeman's college grades stored in a data center

- The world's largest data centers:

- When the Christopher Columbus of the 20th century, and a dedicated recluse, publicly rips your future NASA plans, you know you have done something horribly, horribly wrong.  Neil lets loose of Kush for just a moment to criticize Obama:

- Top five actors over the age of 70. I like this list. I had no idea Hoffman was over 70:

- I returned to college a few years ago after a long hiatus.  I should graduate in a few weeks.  During the first day of my first class (it was a freshman-level American history class, 1860-present) the teacher quoted some statistics about typical college students at my public university.  She said twenty years ago, 60% of all people who started at my college would never finish.  She added that today, 40% of people who start at my college will never finish.  She then asked the class why a higher percentage of people are graduating from my college today than twenty years ago.  I quickly raised my hand and said, "money?"  She said correct.  Universities have more competition for students than they did twenty years ago. Online universities, community colleges, private colleges, and home-learning have increased dramatically in the past two decades.  Twenty years ago, if a student took a difficult class and failed, the student would probably try the class again.  Nowadays, the student may drop-out of that particular college or re-take the class in one of the manners I mentioned earlier.  Modern universities cannot afford to fail students.

According to the following article, private universities inflate grades even more than public universities.  If you believe my hypothesis from the preceding paragraph, then you can understand why private universities would dramatically inflate grades.  Private universities are even more dependent on student tuitions than public universities.  Private universities must do everything they can to keep students happy:

Are universities doing the right thing by inflating grades and making college easier? We are graduating less educated students, but more students are staying in school, so we are educating more people. Which is the right track to take? Use the comments section to voice your opinion.

- A conservative entertainment TV network? Devoted to conservative comedies, dramas, reality-shows, etc? Sweet lordy please let this be true. Heck, there might even be two of them in the future!


Randal said...

Hunh. I never would have thought of Dustin Hoffman being that old, but he was supposed to be 20 in 1967's The Graduate (he was actually 30), so the math adds up pretty easy if you think about it.

Morgan Freeman, on the other hand, is nailing his granddaughter, so screw him.

Randal said...

By the by, go here: