Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cloud computing mysteries, via your smartphone

- A short video from IBM about cloud computing and one of the people who invented cloud computing:

- Can hot water really freeze faster than cold water?  It seems illogical, but in some situations, hot water freezes faster:

- Five of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries.  Not sure how much truth there is in each one of these mysteries.  I am shocked the first one hasn't yet been made into a movie:

- A chart showing the differences between my beloved Nexus One smartphone and the iPhone 3GS:

- A few of my friends have asked me why I spend so much time writing about smartphones on my website. The line between desktop, laptop and smartphones is becoming more and more blurred.  Smartphones are really just smaller versions of computers, so I am naturally fascinated by them.

 I bought my Nexus One in January.  At the time, it was the most powerful smartphone on the market.  It is now late March, and at least two smartphones have passed it, technology-wise.  Here is an article with five smartphones to keep an eye on:

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Greymarch said...

A much more intense look at the Taman Shud case:


I think the other four cases can be attributed to cultists, coincidence, or schizophrenics, but the Taman Shud case is different. It smells of cold-war shenanigans.