Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miracle on Ice, eye color and 3G speeds

- Ten things about the miracle on ice.  Let me spoil one of them...I don't care what you remember, you did not watch the hockey game live.  Only Canadians watched it live.  The game was shown on American TV one hour after the actual game had ended.  However, in 1980 there was no internet, no cell-phones and no email to quickly share information, so very few Americans knew their hockey team had won before they watched the game:

- What color eyes would your children have?  The following website gives you the percentages:

- 3G cell-phone performance tests of the four biggest service providers in 13 major cities:


Randal said...

When you have Jamie Farr in the crowd, there's no need for any other celebrities.

Scott said...

Welp, we are lucky / not-so-lucky to have blue eyes.