Saturday, February 27, 2010

The first hard drive was not fueled by Bloom energy, but it was taller than William Wallace and Paul Ryan

- The first hard-drive.  You would have trouble fitting this into your garage:

- The real history of William Wallace:

- Any time I read an article about a new energy technology that will revolutionize the world, red-flags immediately go off in my mind.  Here's the real scoop about the Bloom Box energy cells:

- Continuing my series on future Republicans to keep an eye on, watch-out for Paul Ryan, congressman from Wisconsin.  Ryan has already announced that he will not run for president in 2012, but if Obama gets re-elected, I guarantee Ryan will run in 2016.  Pros and Cons...
- Telegenic
- Former Jack Kemp staffer
- From a purple state
- Policy wonk
- Relatively young

- He is a congressman, so he is not well-known
- Supports un-popular positions, like radically slashing medicare and medicaid (scares the jeepers out of senior citizens.)
- A deficit hawk, which seems to clash with his Jack Kemp, supply-side history.

More about Paul Ryan:,8599,1964754,00.html

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JOE O. said...

I too was skeptical when I saw that piece on 60 minutes about the bloom box... It looked like another to good to be true, green movement, feel good technology...