Wednesday, December 23, 2009

- Haven't posted since April 23rd, easily my biggest drought. Several reasons why...

Been extremely busy with school. The fall semester is now over, and since I have five weeks of free-time, I should start posting more often.

I had been unmotivated to post anything because three of my most passionate interests have disintegrated: Michigan football, republican politics and Star Wars.

My friends and I discovered facebook. A vast majority of people who read this website are my friends, so it's easier to express my ideas and get a quicker response using facebook. However, facebook status updates can only be so big. Sometimes I want to ramble on endlessly!

Something else has recently motivated me to post more often, and it's quite noticeable on the right side of this page: an advertisement! I should have been doing this years ago. Google has an adsense program built in to (the website I use to write these updates.) I doubt I can make more than a few dollars a year using this advertising, but as the Joker once said, if you are good at something, never do it for free.

- I am a technology junkie, and an anti-Apple soldier. I have never cared for Steve Jobs and his products, nor do I think I ever will. I have yet to own a touchscreen phone mainly due to my backlash against the iPhone. Google is releasing a new touchscreen phone on January 5th. It's called the NexusOne, and if there is a phone that will be the legendary "iPhone killer", then this is the phone. The specs for the phone are off the charts, but what interests me most about this phone is that it uses the Google Android operating system. This OS is completely open-source. That means anyone can do anything they like to the OS. I can hack the hell out of it, even re-code and re-compile it. Here is a website devoted to following the new Nexus One Google phone:

- Fantasy football ends this Monday. I will finish third or fourth in one league, fifth or sixth in my other league. I had blast with both of my fantasy football leagues this year. FF really does make pro football more interesting to watch on a weekly basis. I have about a dozen websites I read everyday for my fantasy football information, but I found one recently that really jumped out at me. The following website conglomerates the weekly rankings of several other fantasy football websites into one ranking. Very useful information for fantasy football fans:

- I need a new pair of sneakers. I have found a few pairs that I like, and my parents are buying me a pair for Christmas, but I just cannot find the sneakers I truly want. The following photo are the sneakers I really want:
- These shoes are men's Nike Xccelerator TR, blue/grey/yellow, size 8.5 US, model number: 602147-403. Nike stopped manufacturing them about three years ago. They are virtually impossible to find! I have looked everywhere (internet, stores, ebay, etc.) I can find this style, and I can find the correct size, what I cannot find is this color. If you can find this shoe with this color, size 8.5 US, in a store or on the net IN STOCK, I will owe you forever!

- For the first time in my life I have become dependent on a to-do list (or task list.) I simply can no longer keep everything I need to do on a daily basis all in my brain. Right now I am using google tasks to write my task lists. This list shows up on my web browser homepage, so I am being constantly reminded of what I need to do next. If I get that Nexus One phone I mentioned earlier, then I can sync my task list from my computer to the phone:

- Have I previously written about Kyle Smith? If so, I apologize. He is a conservative film critic for the New York Post. I enjoy reading his stuff. Give him a try:

- Better off Ted. The TV show itself is much better than the name of the show. Very quirky, lots of snappy dialogue, and interesting story lines. I recommend watching it, but you better hurry, it will probably get canceled soon: Find it on ABC Tuesday nights:

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