Sunday, August 17, 2008

- 3-d images on your 2-d computer monitor:

- How Animal House changed American movie comedies. Definitely a top five comedy for me. I once read an article about John Landis first screening this movie for the kids attending Oregon State University. Apparently they went completely berserk while watching it. Tore the movie theater to pieces. Doesnt surprise me at all. I would have flipped out too:

- Did Steve Fossett fake his own death? It's unlikely, but part of me thinks this is true. We live in the 21st century. It aint that tough finding a whole plane, especially in the U.S.

- What's it like to be on Jeopardy?

- How to win at rock-paper-scissors. Sound advice:

- Kudos to my brother for sending me this link. Johnson and Johnson invents a Nothing But Tears shampoo for children:

- College football starts in less than two weeks. The lord's chosen of Ann Arbor are ranked 24th in the coaches poll, but unranked in the AP poll. Its gonna be a rough season for my team, but I am looking forward to it. If Michigan beats Mr. Sweater Vest this year, all of the following bad things will disappear from our lives:

1. Scrapped knees
2. Bad credit
3. Bug bites
4. Obamaniacs
5. Brain freeze from cold ice-cream
6. Celebrities giving their children absurd names
7. Poor cell-phone service
8. Pebbles in your shoes
9. The Ninth Circuit
10. Wet dogs
11. Hang-nails
12. Itchy t-shirt tags
13. Watered-down drinks
14. The Clone Wars movie
15. Paper cuts
16. Awkward silence
17. Restrooms for paying customers only.

Here is the college football AP poll:

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Anonymous said...

I would become an instant Michigan Fan if only number 9 would be fulfilled. GO BLUE.