Wednesday, August 01, 2007

- Computers can now automatically beat humans at checkers, and for all practical purposes can also beat humans at chess. Can a computer beat a professional at a game of Texas-hold'em poker? Follow this link to find out:

- Lunar eclipse August 28th. I will be watching, will you?

- Bowling is making a bit of a comeback in the states. It was very popular in the 70s and 80s but took a huge dive in the 90s. I am a horrible bowler, but I know a great deal about the sport. Bowling has always been big in family:

- Do you know the difference between tan, khaki and beige? How about the difference between dark blue, navy blue, and midnight blue? Almost every color you can think of has an official name. Here is a website with names of some of the most popular colors. Next time someone tells you that they want to paint their nursery "coral" you will know which color they are talking about:

- Ten rules for writing numbers and numerals. Here are two rules I personally try to follow, which you wont find on the following website:
I almost always put a slash "/" through any zero I write on a piece of paper, and I always say "zero" instead of "o" when telling someone a phone number. To a computer scientist there is a huge difference between a "zero" and an "o."

- How to predict the weather without a forecast:

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