Tuesday, June 13, 2006

If the following picture doesnt terrify you, nothing will...


- What would the founding fathers do about America's current problems? Beats me, but Richard Brookhiser, famed American historian, takes a shot at it. Long article, but worth the read:

- Top 10 engineering mistakes:

- Top 10 most common grammar mistakes. I think I have already committed three of them in today's update:

- Listen to almost any radio station in the world, via the internet:

- Darn good week for G-Dub. We pop Zarqawi, the special prosecutor says he wont indict supreme master-mind Karl Rove, and Georgie makes a surprise trip to Iraq. To learn how the media is reacting to all of this good news, check out the following site:

- Christopher Hitchen's makes a wonderful case for the importance of killing Zarqawi:


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