Thursday, December 28, 2017

Prequels SW > Disney SW

I cant believe I am writing this. I have no choice. I didnt think it was possible.  I found the prequels to be an incredible disappointment, but now that I can reflect back on the prequels versus what Disney has created, I think the prequels are better. Why? Here's an example why. From what is considered one of the worst SW movies, comes a scene which no Disney-hack could ever write:

When I saw this scene in AOTC, I wanted to cry with joy. It's perfect. IT IS EXACTLY what Star Wars is about. It is exactly what George Lucas was trying to show us. Lucas was creating a morality all of us could follow. This is what made Star Wars so special. SW is deeper than typical sci-fi. It's deeper than just about anything ever put on the big screen. Lucas is helping to explain why we even exist.

Lucas is explaining why Jedi behave the way they behave. He is perhaps explaining how we all should behave. Is he correct? Maybe not, but dang, at least he is trying. At least he is giving SW depth and meaning. In The Last Jedi, Luke didnt come anywhere close to explaining this kind of stuff to Rey, and Luke certainly knew the morality of the jedi.

Attachment is forbidden...why? Because attachment leads to fear of losing something. We know how the rest goes...fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Attachment is the path to ruin. The path to the dark side. Possession is merely attachment to a physical entity. Disney is incapable of writing this kind of depth; of understanding morality and humanity is at the core of Star Wars. I want to cry, and it certainly isnt out of joy.



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