Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The death of voice-mail, join the empire, and how to shamefully buy influence on twitter

- A few weeks ago I posted a link to an article containing medal count predictions for the Winter games.  Here is  an article from the AP with predictions for each and every event:

- When I bought my Nexus One Android OS phone, it came with an invitation to Google Voice.  Google Voice is a website and application that will take over the voice-messaging on your smartphone.  It will capture your incoming voice mail, transcribe it, and then either email the transcribed voice-mail to you, send it to you via a text message, and post it on your google voice account.  Incredible technology.  The following link has a clever cartoon explaining how I felt about voice-mail before I started using google voice:

- In an earlier post I wrote about people dedicated towards stealing World of Warcraft accounts so they can farm in-game gold and then sell the gold for real money.  Did you know that people also sell their twitter accounts on ebay for basically the same idea?  There are all kinds of people who either have thousands of followers on twitter, or promise they can get you thousands of followers, and then sell those twitter accounts based upon a cost per twitter follower.  For example, if a twitter account has 10,000 followers, they may sell the account for $0.10 per follower, hoping to sell the whole account for $1000.  Good grief:

- Star Wars propaganda posters.  I got a kick-out of this one because Vader actually could do it alone, but having an almost limitless number of stormtroopers at your disposal helps speed up the process:

More Star Wars propaganda posters at the following link:

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