Monday, October 30, 2006

- USA Today's list of the most influential fictional luminaries:

- Three emerging technologies that will someday have a profound effect on your life:

- 29 Things to do when your internet connection is down. I am adding one to the on my Jim Tressel voodoo doll.

- The life of a trivia junkie:

- Another NBA season starts in a few days. The only thing new on the Laker's bench is Phil Jackson's artificial hip. I doubt the Lakers will make the playoffs. My predictions for the season:

Eastern Conference finals: Chicago over Miami in 6.
Western Conference finals: Phoenix over Dallas in 6.
NBA Finals: Phoenix over Chicago in 5.

Here are the ESPN power-rankings for the new season:

Since I am doing predictions, let me give you my predictions for the elections a week from Tuesday. I give the democrats a 55% of winning the house, and a 40% chance of winning the senate. I think the democrats pick up 20 seats in the house, and 4 in the senate. One of the best political writers in the country, Michael Barone, writes about how things might actually shake-out on November 7th:

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