Wednesday, March 01, 2006

- Yesterday people in the Big Easy celebrated Fat Tuesday. I was happy to see revelers and drunkards once again meandering Bourbon street. A much lesser known, but equally important holiday always follows three days after Fat Tuesday...Skinny Friday. Created by the twice-martyred St. Swithins, the patron saint of putting all your eggs in one basket, Skinny Friday is mainly a holiday for poor college students who cannot afford a trip to New Orleans, and for people who work weekday hours but simply cannot spend the time necessary to visit New Orleans. On Skinny Friday, many years ago, St. Swithins led all swizel sticks off of all international flights. Truly a momentous day in human history, and one worthy of celebration.

Coincidentally, catholics do revere an actual person by the name of Saint Swithins. Here is a wikipedia article with information about the real Saint Swithins:

- For the past two years, I have used this website to make predictions about who will win the Oscars. My first year of predictions was uncannily accurate, but last year I made a fool of myself with bold, unreasoned predictions. Well, this year there will be no predictions. I am sick of Hollywood, and their twisted politics. I refuse to honor them with Academy award predictions. Four of the five movies up for best picture represent a vile, disturbing morality which I cannot accept. You want Oscar predictions? Read the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, or better yet, ask someone standing by your company's water-cooler. When Hollywood starts making movies the American people want to see, instead of movies Hollywood wants the American people to see, then I will return to making Oscar predictions. The following article, written by a columnist at the National Review, explains that not only are these movies leftist trash, but they are also down-right lousy movies:

- The average American lives to the age of 75 (when averaging the life-span for men and women. Women live slightly longer than men.) You will spend roughly 1/3 of that time sleeping. That means you will spend about 25 of your 75 years in an unconscious state. I have always found the concept of sleep to be inherently unfair. You only get so much time on this planet and spending 1/3 of it unconscious just doesnt sit well with me. I want that time back! Soon, if scientists have their way, I may get some of that time back. According to the following article, scientists are on the verge of creating drugs which would allow you to avoid sleep, and remain perfectly healthy. Imagine how much you could get done each day if you got those 8 hours back?,,30000-13507653,00.html

- How famous companies decided upon their company name:

- The top 500 busiest websites on the internet:

- Here is a comprehensive list of Republican celebrities. I can confirm some of these people as Republicans, but many I cannot. Perhaps a better way to describe this list is of celebrities who arent really liberals:

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