Wednesday, November 30, 2005

- When I went to high-school and college, kids were just starting to use computers to write their term papers and essays. The first word processors sometimes came bundled with readability software that calculated various readability numbers, like the Gunning Fog index, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid numbers. With modern internet technology, you can now check the readability ratings of not only the papers you write on your computer, but also of websites you find on the internet. The following website asks you for an internet address, and will then spit out all of the relevant readability numbers pertaining to that website. Try my website as an example:

- Ever use someone else's computer to cruise the net, but they dont have all the bookmarks (links, Favorites, etc.) you need to find the webpages you want? Do you wish you could have your internet links available to you from any computer? There are several websites that will store your bookmarks for you, and make them accessible to you from any computer that has internet access. In fact, you can even share your bookmarks with others using this method. The best website for sharing your bookmarks over the internet is (dont ask me why they chose that name...I havent the foggiest idea.) I have posted several of my bookmarks to, and I hope to have all of them there within the next few days:

- Charles Krauthammer, the syndicated columnist, and one of the leading commentators on the American conservative movement, takes a giant dump on Intelligent Design. Here is the article:

Update: conservative columnist George Will also trashes Intelligent Design

- On a few occassions, I have thought about playing online Texas-hold em. Lord knows I love to play hold-em, but I simply cannot afford it, and I have always been afraid of collusion at an online, anonymous poker table. Apparently collusion isnt the ugly problem you might think it is. A scarier problem awaits you at an online poker game....there is a good chance you are the only human being playing at the table! The following article explains how people are making money by using computer programs to play online poker for them:

- Google is copying every book ever printed into a database, and letting users search that database. Millions of people freely download music, movies and TV shows from the net. Books can be quickly scanned, and shared across peer-to-peer networks. Is the legal concept of copyright protection coming to an end? The writer of the following article thinks so:

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