Monday, August 08, 2005

- My sense of humor (or lack thereof) comes from three distinct places:
1) My family and friends
2) Watching David Letterman for the past 23 years.
3) The comic-strip Bloom County.
In 1981 a young man by the name of Berke Breathed (this is his pseudonym, I have never been able to discover his real-name) created the topical and irreverent comic-strip Bloom County. It quickly gained a cult-following, and won Mr. Breathed numerous awards. He quit writing his comic-strip in 1989, but two years ago he re-started his beloved cartoon. I am envious of Berke Breathed. I wish I could write like him. Lord knows I have tried, but it never comes out quite right. His new comic-strip appears weekly in most major newspapers, but it doesnt appear online...unless you know how to look. Mr. Breathed has his own website, where he sells merchandise based on his comic-strips. You can read each comic-strip from his recent collection by clicking on the merchandise. Since I dont have a newspaper subscription, this is how I read his comic-strip each week. Follow this link, and you too can read his witty, razor-sharp cartoons. After you click on the link, dont fill-out any of the criteria. Just press the search button, and you will get a list of his cartoons from the past two years:

- I found more cool optical illusions for you to stare at! Follow this link. I simply cannot believe that some of these colors are the same, but they are:

- Yearly flu shots will soon be a thing of the past. Scientists are close to creating a flu-shot which lasts your whole life:

- Congress just passed a new law that will expand day-light savings time. Since most of the people who read this blog are from Arizona, where we dont have day-light savings time, I thought I would provide you with an article explaining what day-light savings time is, and how exactly it got started:


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